Micromed is the occupational health division of the MICROANALYSIS GROUP, and whose fundamental purpose is to assist companies in their programs and policies for the conservation of their workers’ health. Our team is made up of medical doctors and professionals specializing in occupational health with extensive experience. Some of our main services include the evaluation of biological exposure indicators, and the testing of food, air, and water quality for human consumption.


Medical examinations for new staff.

Cabinet Studies – On-site evaluations of biological alterations in workers exposed to abnormal work environments. These include tests such as X-rays, electrocardiograms, audiometric evaluations and spirometry tests.

Toxicological Studies – Evaluation of biological exposure indicators and individual response to occupational exposures. This includes the analysis of  biological fluids and tissues of workers, and/or testing for chemical agents such as heavy metals and organic compounds in blood/urine.

Clinical Analysis – Clinical analysis of general biological parameters that complement specialized toxicology and other general health evaluations.

Food quality (microbiology).

Water and Ice Quality – Testing water and ice quality for human consumption according to official Mexican standards.

Air Quality – Testing bioaerosols and physicochemical parameters in air meant for human consumption.

Occupational epidemiology studies.


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