Micromed is the occupational health division of the MICROANALYSIS GROUP, whose fundamental purpose is to assist companies in their programs and policies for the conservation of workers’ health, by measuring the biological alterations in individuals generated by the presence of physical and chemical agents in the workplace.


Medical examinations for new staff

Cabinet Studies – Field measurements of biological alterations in workers exposed to abnormalities in the work environment through tests such as X-rays, electrocardiograms, audiometry and spirometry.

Toxicological Studies – Biological indicators of exposure and individual response in biological fluids and tissues of workers (Metabolites) and chemical agents such as heavy metals and organic compounds in blood / urine.

Clinical Analysis – Clinical analyzes of general biological parameters that complement specialized toxicology and general health studies.

Food Sanitary Quality (microbiology)

Quality of water and ice for human consumption according to Official Mexican Standards

Air Quality – Bioaerosols and physicochemical parameters in air for human consumption.

Occupational epidemiology studies

Mobile Medical Units to carry out occupational health studies at your facilities.

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Industrial Hygiene

Equipment and Supplies