GRUPO MICROANALISIS is an organization whose fundamental purpose is to provide its clients with evaluation and advisory products and services in the areas of occupational health, industrial hygiene, and the environment, offering timely and truthful information to demonstrate compliance with National and International Regulations. We also evaluate the level of risk of possible deterioration of health or the environment, generated by the industrial operation.

For this, the companies that make up el GRUPO MICROANALISIS have the corresponding accreditations in the branches of water, fixed sources, waste and the work environment, granted by Entidad Mexicana de Acreditación A.C. (EMA) and with the approvals issued by the corresponding Government Dependencies.


For decades, we have had the opportunity to meet the needs of companies in many sectors. Learn about our experience in them.


In GRUPO MICROANALISIS we are proud to contribute to the improvement of workers’ health conditions, as well as to the preservation of the environment, which is achieved through the use of quality information that we offer to companies for the best compliance with labor regulations. and ecology.


We join our efforts to be recognized as leaders in the supply and development of specialized services, which are required by companies to verify compliance with labor and ecological regulations, as well as to assist professionals dedicated to the conservation of the worker health and ecological environment.


In 1963, the Chemical Engineer Raúl Escobar Márquez founded el Laboratorio de Microanálisis in Mexico City, which offered industrial hygiene, occupational health and environmental contamination services for the industrial sector, being the first commercial company to formally provide services of that type in the country.

With the passage of time, the requirements demanded by the regulations of the authorities were increasing, and consequently, it was necessary to provide services that were tailored to the needs of the clients. It was then that 5 specifically planned companies were formed to guarantee compliance with the demanded requirements, together forming GRUPO MICROANALISIS.

Included among our specialties are the sampling and field measurement of pollutants in the workplace, water, air, soil, hazardous waste, agents, and biological indicators of occupational exposure.

In addition to the various government accreditations and approvals that GRUPO MICROANALISIS has obtained over 5 decades in the field, in 2001, the Analytical Division became the first analytical organization accredited in Latin America by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) of the United States.

Finally,  GRUPO MICROANALISIS is convinced that the level of quality of its services is synonymous with the degree of customer satisfaction. Every effort is made to ensure that each and every company in the organization, backed by the most extensive experience in the country, continues to fully meet the expectations of users.